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  • No more losing your temper on court for no reason...
  • No more letting your emotions spoil your tennis game...
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Hey, it's Roger Sam, tennis coach and "mental strategist" to tennis players...and this is a must-read article for any players wanting to play winning tennis.


Do You Play Competitive Tennis But Find Yourself Playing Lower Than Your Potential?


In training, you pull off amazing shots and play at a high level, but struggle to replicate the same form in competitive matches...

This is not common.

Many tennis players fail to perform at their highest potential in tennis matches due to their lack of mental strength.

I have played competitive tennis and coaches competitive players for more than THREE DECADES and know how tough tennis could be, if you don't have the mental strength required.




Without having mental strength, you can spend all your time training and it would mean nothing. You can't perform at a high level of tennis without mental strength. Make no mistake, tennis training is important, but MENTAL TRAINING FOR TENNIS is the most important part of competitive tennis.

Over the years, I have coached many tennis players who have high levels of skills and fitness. They train well, but sadly, they simply fail to perform during competitive matches... All due to a lack of mental strength.

It was then that I decided to develop mental training strategies, SPECIFICALLY FOR TENNIS. And guess what?

My players win rate increased DRAMATICALLY. I have players who won matches after matches, and this lead to more championship victories... the proudest thing for me is that... IT EVEN LED TO COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS!

Many of those tennis players and their parents are so grateful. This had led me to share my strategies... But let me first emphasise the problem with a lack of mental strength in tennis...


Having A Weak Mind Is Like Playing With Brakes On...

What's the whole issue with ignoring mental training then?

Imagine yourself training so hard. You train and train during your practice sessions. You push yourself physically and spend time perfecting every skill imaginable on court, but you fail to perform competitively... How would it feel?


Many people, including myself, have experienced the same thing. I know the EXACT feeling. Many of my students have the SAME EXACT FRUSTRATION.

You feel you are only playing at 40% of your capabilities... Losing to lesser opponents or making silly mistakes on the tennis court.

This is the feeling when you have a lack of control over your mind... A weak mind...

Having a weak mind means that...

  • You mentally crash when certain aspect of your game fails...
  • You find it hard to raise your game against opponents who are better than you...
  • You find it hard to win matches on a consistent level...
  • You fail to dominate matches...
  • You lack confidence when you are tired...

This is why MENTAL TRAINING FOR TENNIS is so important!

How Mental Training Instantly Boosts Your Confidence And Win Rate

Mental Training For Tennis holds the key to develop mental strength, specifically for tennis. By following these mental strategies...

  • You Understand What Causes People To Feel Nervous During Matches
  • You Understand What Goes On In Your Head While Playing
  • You Develop Your Mindset From The Inside-Out
  • You Develop The Inner Strength Required
  • You Learn Ways To Deal With Tough Situations
  • You Know How To Achieve Your Tennis Goals

With Such Mental Strength, You Become The Type Of Player Every Other Player Is Afraid To Play Against

Mental Training For Tennis is going to make you...

  • More Dominant on Court
  • Enter The Court With Confidence With Your Ability
  • Knowing How To Compete With The Best
  • Know How To Use Aggression In A Tennis Match
  • Knowing When And How To Be Calm During The Match
  • Develop The Right Mindset For Training, To Achieve Your Tennis Goals

Mental Training For Tennis has proven methods used by many tennis players to help them achieve tennis success. It has a long history of success and ANYONE can easily follow them and become stronger on court, in no time at all.

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Here Are What Users Of The Product Has Mentioned...

What Would You EXACTLY Get From Mental Training For Tennis? A Sneak Peak...

Mental Training For Tennis develops your mindset from the inside out. You would start to be more powerful in your mind...

MTFT is divided into 8 MODULES, which consists of the following...

Module 0 - Introduction

This introductory module introduces you to this course and guides you on what you should do to benefit fully from this program.

Module 1 - Importance Of Mental Strength

In this module, it explains in-depth the importance of mental strength. As you develop a clearer understanding of the importance of mental strength in tennis, your motivation to follow through with the mental training exercises increases.

Module 2 - The Blueprint Of A Winner

What makes someone a winner? In this module, you learn what constitutes the winning mindset. Why do some people become serial winners while some people struggle with consistency?

Module 3 - Winning Starts Before The Match

Winning tennis matches goes beyond match days. Before you enter the tennis court, you need to develop a winning mindset if you are to win on court. In this module, you would learn the various methods to build a stronger mindset outside the court.

Module 4 - Winning During The Game

During tennis matches, it may be intense and you wouldn't know what to do in certain situations. In this module, you learn to develop certain short term strategies to deal with situations such as nervousness, lack of confidence etc. You learn how to use your body language to win tennis matches.

Module 5 - Winning After The Game

Winning is more than just inside the tennis court. In this module, you learn how to develop positivity in your tennis game, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Module 6 - Winning Habits Of Winners

All winners go through certain habits - things that they do constantly to get them to where they are. From this module, you learn what habits to develop in your daily life to win tennis matches.

Module 7 - Note To Parents & Coaches

This module is specifically for all parents and coaches, people who play an important role in developing the tennis player.

But Wait, If You Take Action Now, You Would Get The Following Additional Bonuses....

  • Bonus 1: Action Module

    This bonus module compiles all the action steps required to build your mental strength. You can practice the action steps to develop your mental strength, again and again. Doing them repeatedly makes you more confident on court.


  • Bonus 2: Scripted Visualisation

    The Scripted Visualisation are a compilation of scripts that tennis players can use to develop their mindset during different situations of their tennis game. By training yourself to be in a certain mental state, you can perform better on court and in training.


  • Bonus 3: Audio MP3s

    This is an audio recording of the scripted visualisation. Using this recordings can be very effective. You can listen to them on your phone or on an MP3. Listen to them before matches to calm you down and make yourself more confident.




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Winning tennis matches are important, but not as important as the side effect you gain...

  • The power of SELF BELIEF
  • The power of CONFIDENCE
  • The power of DISCIPLINE

It doesn't mean that you don't pursue victories. It simple mean that in the process of pursuing victories, you learn something deeper in life - the confidence and self-belief in yourself.

This is what Roger wants to spread to the world, through the game of tennis.

This program covers on how you develop "inner victories" before becoming a winner in life.

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